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Sampling Programs

With a large variety of programs available,
we have the right solution for you!

Sampling provides you with the ability to maximize your time, effort and investment on behalf of all of your stakeholders, letting you reach new customers who may not otherwise be accessible to your field sales staff and increasing your brand presence and awareness in the market place.

Our ordering portals are mobile and tablet friendly, allowing those wanting your samples to order anytime and anywhere. In this time poor world, we have the capability and the systems to get your samples into the marketplace right where they need to be, to make maximum impact for you.

Just a few of the features we offer:

  • Licensed and secure storage and distribution facilities, compliant with all relevant regulations
  • Full product traceability from point of receipt to delivery
  • Regulatory compliance with all relevant regulatory bodies
  • Large suite of standard and customised performance and inventory reports
  • Rigorous inventory management practices to ensure inventory accuracy
  • All deliveries are fully traceable with proof of deliveries available
  • Product return, recall and destruction options
  • Recognised validation processes
  • Secure data storage and retention
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Our Programs

We offer a number of feature rich programs customised
to meet your unique sample requirements!